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Bail and bail bonds are two different things. Sometimes you need to get through a criminal court system before understanding the two terms being mentioned. It is very important to learn about bail bonds lawrenceville ga Although the two have different meanings, they are both important. Bail and bail bonds are vital to the proper functioning of our legal system. In this article you will learn some basic facts about the two. You will also get a little facts regarding their different purposes.

Let us first discuss bail. What is bail? What many people know is that a bail allows someone whose been arrested to be released from jail while they await and proceed through the criminal trial process. That is right. The arrestee needs to pay the right amount to be freed while the hearing goes. There are factors and even consequences to consider. Who sets the bail? It is typically set during a hearing by a judge. How about the amount? The money is payable directly to the court and the amount will depend on the kind of crime of offense being committed. If the defendant appears at all scheduled court appearances, the money will be returned at the end of the trial.

What happens if the arrestee has a lot of absences in the court hearing? There will be deductions to the bail bond. When the arrestee has been proven not guilty, the bail money will not be returned in full. The money will be returned regardless if the person is found innocent or guilty. Bail bond is essentially collateral to the court which plays a very important role. The defendant should have the right understanding on this. It will be much easier to comply all the bail requirements when the process is being understood well. Being knowledgeable is very important.

Deputy J.A. McDowell’s Patch Trading Page

Deputy J.A. McDowell’s
Patch Trading Page

Hello and welcome to my patch trading web page. I am a Deputy with the Harris County Sheriff’s Department in Houston, Texas. I have been with the Sheriff’s Department for 10 years and am currently assigned to the Inmate Classification Section. One of my favorite hobbies is meeting and trading patches with other law enforcement officers from all over the world. I began trading and collecting patches about a year and a half ago and am approaching a collection of approximately 1,000 patches. I will trade for just about any new and unused law enforcement or fire department patch. I have my department patch to trade new for new along with a small trade list that I can send upon request. Please e-mail me with your trade offer and I will respond ASAP. Thanks for visiting my web page and happy trading.

If you’re interested in trading patches, please contact me by clicking on the mailbox below.
The County

Harris County is located in southeast Texas and is home to the city of Houston. It is the most populous of the state’s 254 counties and is the third largest county in the United States. It has a population of over three million people and is 1788 square miles in area.
History of the Department
The Harris County Sheriff’s Department traces its origins to 1837, when John W. Moore took office as the Sheriff of what was then called Harrisburg County. A man of many talents, Moore also served as Tax Collector, Hangman, City Marshall, and Alderman. Today’s modern department is light years beyond those humble origins, when the job of chief law enforcement authority for the county could be done by one man in his spare time.

Among the oldest law enforcement agencies in Texas, the Department has grown from a single man on horseback to an agency of 3,500 men and women, the state’s largest, providing law enforcement services for a county of 3 million people.


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